A week to the the day that I brought it down to London, it’s been stolen from Rotherhithe: locked and chained up in the garage at my flat.

It’s a red and black 2006 Honda CBR1000RR-6 Fireblade, registration number RV06MVL, VIN: JH2SC57A46M204191 Engine Number SC57E2204623

Thieving scum. I hope they get killed on it.


  1. Where did you bring it down from? Had you just bought it? After such a short period of time (one week) it sounds like someone knew exactly where it was and how to take it. Very suspicious….

  2. Brought it down from my ex-girlfriend’s place in Grimsby.

    I’d had a Gixxer 750 stolen eighteen months ago from the same place and it’s on the Thames Path so easy enough for one of these tossers to have seen it in the week.

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